Kit list – for overnight activities and camping

This is a general kit list for our members to use when packing for overnight activities or a camp. Please check with the event organiser if you need more specific guidance.

Use the duration, environment, terrain and likely weather to judge the amount of kit you pack.

Complete uniform Facecloth, soap, shampoo, nail brush and towel
Warm sweaters, jumpers or sweatshirts Tooth brush, tooth paste comb or brush
T-shirts or similar Swimming costume
Trousers or shorts Blanket
Underclothes (one set per day) Plate, bowl, mug, cutlery, water bottle
Socks (one pair per day) Tea towel
Nightwear Torch and spare batteries
Hike boots or strong shoes Small personal first aid kit
Waterproof (hooded coat and trousers) Day sack (small rucksack)
Sleeping bag Teddy!
Foam roll or karrimat Gaiters or Wellingtons (optional)
Polythene bags (for dirty clothes)  
Scarf, hat and gloves Penknife (*Approved users only)

Kit list notes

Label each item of kit with your name.

Pack your kit into a rucksack or a sports bag that you can carry on your back.  Furthermore, never use a suitcase as it is not suitable for a Scout activity!

Do not take anything valuable to an activity or camp. Despite our best efforts, clothing will get (very) dirty and may not even return home. Mobile phones, electronic games, radios and similar are forbidden unless otherwise advised.

All Scouts are encouraged to pack their own kit.

*Approved users are APL’s, PL’s & SPL’s who have been suitably trained in the holding, use & maintenance of a penknife.