Road Safety Badge – Cubs

Cub Road Safety Badge 1st Cuffley Cub Scout Pack

This is what you need to do to earn your badge:

1: Draw or take photos of 10 different traffic signs. Explain what they mean.

Follow this link to the current Highway Code Traffic Signs.  Take a look at them and how they are presented. 

Look around you carefully. At your badge night you’ll be taking traffic sign photographs. (If you have one you may bring your own camera). 

2: Show how to use the Green Cross Code.

Tune into this Fun Kids podcast for what you need to know.

Listen carefully. At your badge night you’ll need to prove you understand road safety.

3: Tell a leader why it’s important to have different types of pedestrian crossing. Explain how to use them safely.

Click on the FunKids logo and look down the page. There is more to learn about the Green Cross Code here too.


Think carefully about why you think there are different type of crossing. At your badge night we will talk about this.

4: Show that you know how to behave safely as a car passenger.

Here are a few tips:

  • wear your seat belt and/or sit correctly in your car seat at all times;
  • be a ‘good co-pilot’, for example, support the driver in ensuring that other passengers act responsibly;
  • be careful not to distract the driver; 
  • pay attention to the road – you’ll be able to see when a driver may need to concentrate more;
  • if you think there’s an emerging danger let the driver know – but do not shout;
  • at night, don’t turn on interior lights while the car is moving – as this can affect the driver’s night vision.


Next time you travel in a car at the end of your journey ask the driver if they thought you were a good or bad passenger and why. At your badge night you’ll need to prove you know how to act and behave and can do so!