Teepee, tent used by Beavers in the 1st Cuffley Scout Group for camping

Beaver Teepee


The place on our website where you can find beaver scouts near me at the 1st Cuffley. Local Beaver Scout Colony.
Cuffley Beaver lodge woggles worn by Beavers at the 1st Cuffley Scout Group local to postal area EN6. Beavers near Cuffley.

Beaver Lodge Woggles


The 1st Cuffley Beavers (*6 yrs – 8 yrs) meet from 6.30pm to 7.30pm every Wednesday evening during a school term.  *Beaver membership which is open to girls and boys and may commence at 5 years 9 months.


Our Beaver Colony is made up of smaller groups called Lodges. These Lodges are used in a number of ways to facilitate the organisation of our Colony and provide a ‘home’ area for our members to gather at varying points at the start, during and towards the end of each meeting.


During their time in the Colony our Beavers get a chance to try a wide range of different indoor and outdoor activities, exploring our local community, going on trips, days out, and experiencing the excitement of Scouting focussed sleepovers and camps with their friends.  Participation, rather than meeting set standards, is a key approach and there are a range of badges and challenge awards they may gain to recognise their achievements.

Badges and awards

Our Beavers have the opportunity to gain badges and awards.


Our Beavers wear a turquoise sweatshirt with our Group scarf, a special 1st Cuffley lodge woggle and blue activity trousers. The colour of the woggle denotes the lodge the Beaver belongs to and there are two styles. The standard member woggle and the lodge leader woggle which has the lodge name embossed on it. 

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Beaver Sweatshirt

Beaver activity trousers, blue, uniform, beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers, Cuffley Scout Group,

Activity Trousers

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1st Cuffley Group Scarf  & an Ash Lodge Woggle

Follow this link for advice on purchasing a Beaver uniform.    

Where do my Beaver badges go? (opens as a pdf)

Beavers – what to expect maybe?

A short video overview…

What next?

For new member enquiries and waiting list applications please write to us using our new member Join Us form. Alternatively you can text or call 07784861218 to tell us who you are and advise the best time for us to contact you (morning, afternoon, evening). Please also confirm how you would like to be contacted and the membership options you would like to discuss.

A Proud History

The Cuffley Beaver Colony was formed in the autumn of 1997 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. If you were one of those original members, or maybe even joined a little later, we would love to feature some of your memories and stories.

Cuffley Beaver Colony. Inaugural meeting. Cuffley Beavers, First Cuffley Scout Group. Cuffley, Potter Bar, 1997, Hertfordshire, Scouts.

Cuffley Beavers. Inaugural meeting Sep 1997.

Cuffley Beaver Scouts 1997.

Cuffley Beavers. First full meeting Oct 1997. Were you there?

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