Beaver uniform purchase

What’s required?

Beaver uniform is worn by all our members who are invested as Beavers. Each Beaver wears a turquoise sweatshirt, blue activity trousers and a 1st Cuffley Group scarf held with a leather woggle.

Where can I buy the uniform?


The Scout Store 

Scout Store – Uniforms

The Scout Store is currently offering a 10% discount if you sign-up to their newsletter. 

Read more about the Scout Store here.

Please don’t forget, if you are shopping online please click through to our purchase via The Giving Machine and generate a free donation to the 1st Cuffley Scout Group. Click on the poster below, or follow this link and quote our direct access code 266611 to sign-up to The Giving Machine.

High Street

Smiths Schoolwear Call and check in advance of a shop visit for price and stock availibilty.

John Lewis, Welwyn Garden City  Call and check in advance of a shop visit for price and stock availibilty.


East Herts District Scout Shop  which opens between 4.30pm and 8pm on most Monday evenings during school term times.

From the 1st Cuffley

The Cuffley Scarf and Cuffley Woggle

The Beaver woggle and scarf are worn following investiture. They’re individual to the 1st Cuffley for purchase at a Beaver meeting. (£5 for the scarf and £1 for the woggle).  

1st Cuffley Scout Group Scarf with Beaver Woggle, Beaver Scouts nearby, invested as a scout,


Each of our Beavers has the opportunity to earn and wear badges relating to their Scouting membership. They may also earn them for the activities and skills they complete. These are awarded by the colony and displayed on the Beaver’s uniform sweatshirt. 

Beaver Scout Uniform Badge Positions Beavers Boys and Girls uniforms badges awards cuffley colony

Follow this link for a larger printable version of this diagram (opens as a pdf)

Anything else?

Activity Tee Shirts

As an adjunct to their formal uniform our Beavers wear an informal T-Shirt.  These T-Shirts, which are embroidered with our Group logo, are often worn during active meetings..

To order a Group T-Shirt please complete our Contact Us form advising your child’s name and age.  When we receive your message we’ll supply a suitably sized shirt at the next Beaver meeting for you to consider and purchase. The Beaver T-Shirts are £6 (cash or cheque). 


Members who have grown out of their uniform shirts, trousers or T Shirts, or have moved to another section, donate uniform items for us to sell. Please check with a leader for availability.