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Open Fire Cooking

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Ready Steady Cook

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5-a-side football winners


Our Cubs

The 1st Cuffley Cubs (8 yrs – 10.5 yrs) meet between 6.30pm and 8.00pm every Tuesday evening during a school term.


Our Cub pack has up to 36 members who are split into smaller groups called Sixes. The Six system organises the pack into teams and encourages cooperation and healthy competition.  Sixers and Seconders take responsibility for ‘looking after’ their Six and our Sixers are senior Cubs chosen by the leaders to be in charge of their Six. Our Seconders are also selected by the leaders. Their role is to assist the Sixer and stand in for them if he or she is absent. We appoint our Sixers and Seconders on merit.


As a pack we share many interesting and challenging activities and promote the development of Scouting skills through them. In the summer months many of our meetings are held outdoors and camping is one of our most popular activities.

Badges and awards

Our Cubs gain badges and awards:



Our Cubs wear a dark green sweatshirt coupled with our Group scarf and a coloured woggle, which identifies them with their Six, and blue activity trousers.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for information on Cub uniform purchase. 



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Cub Sweatshirt

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Activity Trousers

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Cuffley Scout Group Scarf & a Green Six Woggle




Where do my Cub badges go?


This short video provides an interesting insight into being a Cub:

What next?

For new member enquiries and waiting list applications please write to us using our new member Join Us form. Alternatively you can text or call 07784861218 to tell us who you are and advise the best time for us to contact you (morning, afternoon, evening). Please also confirm how you would like to be contacted and the membership options you would like to discuss.


Please donate to our funding to help us deliver Scouting skills for life.