Chef Activity Badge – Cubs

Cuffley Scout Group, Cubs' Chef activity badge requirements


How to earn your Cubs’ Chef Activity badge

  1. Learn the basic rules of safety and hygiene in the kitchen. Explain why they’re important.

Take a look at this short video



  1. Talk to your leader about the different ways of preparing and cooking food.

Some methods for preparing food

Blending; Chiffonade (cutting in ribbons); Dicing (cutting into cubes); Grating; Julienning (cutting into thin pieces); Mashing; Milling; Mincing (processing into very small pieces); Mixing; Peeling (taking off a skin/outer skin); Shaving.

Some methods for cooking food

Baking; Bar-be-cueing; Basting; Blanching; Boiling; Braising; Broiling; Deep Frying; Grilling; Poaching; Roasting; Sauteing; Stir Frying; Shallow Frying; Smoking; Steaming; Stewing.

  1. Learn what the major food groups are.

How do they fit into a healthy diet?

Check out this summary published by the UK Government (opens as a pdf)

  1. Plan, cook, serve and clear away a two-course meal for at least two people.

You should prepare and cook vegetables as part of the menu. Remember, an adult must supervise you for this step. Talk to the people you’re cooking for about the menu.

Cuffley Afternoon Tea option

Plan and prepare a formal afternoon tea for two people. To include savoury sandwiches, savoury tartlets, scones, cakes and macaroons

  • use cooked vegetables such as onions and peppers in the sandwiches and tartlets
  • bake plain and fruit scones
  • bake a selection of small cakes and/or macaroons

Speak to Akela to arange coaching, advice and help to achieve this badge.