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Potters Bar District Cyclo Cross Winners 2016 & 2017 Potters Bar District Swimming Gala Winners 2018   Mid Herts Night Hike Visitors – team trophy Mid Herts Night Hike Overall Winners trophy


The 1st Cuffley Scouts (10.5 yrs – 14 yrs) attend meetings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on most Friday evenings of the year. They also attend many other events, competitions and activities throughout the year.


Our Scouts meet as a Troop, which has up to 36 members who are split into smaller groups called Patrols. Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader (PL) and an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) who lead and organise their Patrols. These roles are assigned by the section leaders to older scouts who have scouting experience and knowledge and have demonstrated they can lead and work in a team.


The Troop enjoys a wide range of challenging games, projects and fun accomplishments which promote the development of scouting skills. Recent events have included activities as diverse as Camping, Hill Walking, Hiking, Forestry, Fundraising and a summer expedition to Switzerland, Germany and France.

Badges and awards

Our Scouts have the opportunity to gain badges and awards.


Our Scouts wear a green uniform shirt coupled with our Group scarf, a bespoke belt with a Scout buckle and Scout activity trousers.

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Scout Uniform Shirt

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Scout Uniform Blouse

Cuffley, Scout, Scouts, Scarf, Leather Woggle, 1st Cuffley Scouts, Khaki, Scout Green, Necker, Group Scarf

1st Cuffley Group Scarf

Scout activity trousers, blue, uniform, beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers, Cuffley Scout Group,

Scout activity trousers

Scout,Belt,Scouts,Cuffley,Scout Uniform,

Scout Belt


Where do my Scout badges go ? (opens as a pdf)


What next?

For new member enquiries and waiting list applications please write to us using our new member Join Us form. Alternatively you can text or call 07784861218 to tell us who you are and advise the best time for us to contact you (morning, afternoon, evening). Please also confirm how you would like to be contacted and the membership options you would like to discuss.

Help the 1st Cuffley thrive

Please click our Donate button (provided fee free through the Paypal Giving Fund) and add to our funding to help us to continue to deliver first class Scouting skills for life.