If you’re between 14-18 years old and looking at ways to generate, shape and improve on your life skills come and join the Cuffley Explorer Unit.

With an active Scouting programme being developed to help build CV enhancing experiences, personal expertise and opportunity there has never been a better time to join us.

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Fun can lead to opportunity (pdf)


The Cuffley Explorer Unit meets from 8.00pm to 10.00pm on most Friday evenings of the year. 

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Badges and Awards

These are the awards our Explorers have the opportunity to consider & complete:


When occasion requires our Explorers wear a uniform shirt or blouse coupled with our Group or a Potters Bar District scarf. Scout activity trousers and a leather belt with a Scout buckle may also be worn. 

Where do my Explorer badges go ? – click here to find out (opens as a pdf)

Mens, boy, male, teenage, Explorer Scout Shirt, uniform, formal wear,

Explorer Uniform Shirt

Ladies, Woman, Female, Explorer Scout, Blouse

Explorer Uniform Blouse

Cuffley,Scout,Scouts,Explorers,Explorer,Scarf,Leather Woggle,1st Cuffley Scouts,Khaki,Scout Green,Necker,Group Scarf

1st Cuffley Group Scarf

Scout activity trousers,blue,uniform,beavers,cubs,scouts,explorers,Cuffley Scout Group,

Explorer Activity Trousers

Scout Belt, Belt, Scout,Explorer,Explorers,Cuffley,Uniform,

Standard Scout Belt

2019,World,Scout,Jamboree,West Viginia,Cuffley Explorers,USA,Potters Bar District,Herfordshire County

Jamboree, West Virginia USA. 3 Cuffley Explorers attended

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Explorer Fire


What next?

For new member enquiries and waiting list applications please write to us using our new member Join Us form. Alternatively you can text or call 07784861218 to tell us who you are and advise the best time for us to contact you (morning, afternoon, evening). Please also confirm how you would like to be contacted and the membership options you would like to discuss.

The Cuffley Explorers are part of the Potters Bar District’s provision of Scouting. We link with the District through a Partnership Agreement which sets out the interaction between our Unit, the District and 1st Cuffley.  

DofE and Queen’s Scout Award support is afforded through Hertfordshire County Scouts.

Please donate to our funding to help us deliver Scouting skills for life.