Equipment list – for patrol camps and other standing camps

This equipment list assumes a Patrol size of six.

Main site equipment:

Patrol Tent, tent poles and wooden pegs (assorted sizes – one for each Main Guy, Guy Rope and Brailing).
Wooden mallets (at least 3 per tent).
Groundsheet (to fit the tent floor space).
Cooking and Dining Shelters, poles and wooden pegs (assorted sizes – one for each guy rope).
Store tent (could be a large hike tent – with poles, and pegs – remember if metal pegs to take a rubber mallet and wooden pegs to take a wooden mallet).
Tables for cooking and washing-up.
Store box.
Hand Axe (according to experience) and/or Bush Saw.

Kitchen equipment:

Large Billie, teapot.
Nest of Billies.
Frying pan.
Water carriers (sterile).
Baking and Serving dishes.
Wooden spoons and ladle.
Board for food preparation.
Kitchen knife, fork and metal frying slice.
Tin opener and bottle opener.
Plastic refuse sacks & plastic food bags, cling film, foil.
Cool box (with ice packs if possible).
Gas rings and full bottle (2 rings minimum).
Matches in waterproof container.

Washing & washing-up:

Washbowls (two for washing up and two for personal use).
Washing-up liquid and Anti-bacterial spray.
Tea Towels (10).
Dishclothes (4) and scourers (4).
Plate rack (could be made as a camp gadget).

General equipment:

First Aid Box (for guidance on contents please refer to a leader).
Lamps & Torches.

If camping at a site where you have to provide your own toilets;
Toilet tents (3) and screening for latrines, tent poles and pegs (remember wooden mallets for wooden pegs, rubber mallets for metal pegs).
Toilet paper (in water proof, plastic containers).
Spade, entrenching tool, pickaxe, shovel and trowel.
Washbowl, soap (x 2 blocks or bottles) and towels (4),

To make your camp comfortable:

Sisal, cord and rope, for a camp fence, marking your wood pile, building gadgets etc.
Extra spade for turfing and digging a wet pit and fire place (if permitted and required).
Spars and staves (for gadgets and building a flag pole), plus a Union Flag with halliards etc.
Football, and other equipment for activities.

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