Patrol Points

Each term the Scouts have the chance to earn patrol points. The awarding of points are decided by the Patrol Leaders Council.
At the start of each term, the patrols vote for the prize for their patrol (should they win). The highest individual winner will also be invited.

Points are currently awarded for:

  • 10 points for attending (5 points if you inform the leaders if you are unable to attend, 0 points if you fail to let the leaders know)
  • 2 bonus points per item for wearing: Scout Shirt, Scout Scarf, Scout Belt, Scout Trousers and Clean Black Shoes
  • Points are awarded for hikes and are decided by the leaders based on the length and challenge
  • 30 points for each night of camp
  • -2 points for arriving late without apologising / informing the leaders before

Points are also awarded or lost at the discretion of the leaders.

Previous Patrol Point Winners:


Summer – Otter
Autumn –

2019 Spring Summer Autumn