What our leaders give to the community

Scouting in the Community

Adults working in Scouting contribute massive free youth work to their local communities and we are proud to be part of this.

On average each year a leader typically gives time in the following way:

Sectional meetings – two hours a week over 42 weeks: 84 hours

A couple of weekend camps: 96 hours

Planning and District meetings: 36  hours

Training: 6 hours

Day trips – three per year: 36 hours

Admin/planning – two hours per week: 84 hours

Total average number of hours per person per year: 342 hours so every volunteer gives  a total of 42 working days

A total contribution per person of £3,488.40 (If paid at first step Locally Qualified NJC rates of £10.20 an hour)     

Approximately 110,000 adults support Scouting in the UK (Leaders, Commissioners, parent helpers etc)