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20 August 2021

Minibus Fundraising

We have launched a fundraising initiative to purchase a new minibus.

As you may know – or have surmised, our current vehicle, a 15-year-old LDV Convoy is roadworthy, but is proving to be increasingly impractical to use. Its exhaust emissions prevent us driving it on many roads within greater and outer London and its capacity and weight place a restrictive limit on our pool of licensed drivers. It also leaks when it rains and lacks basic comfort features such as an effective warm and cool airflow system.
As someone taking an interest in our Scout Group (after all you are reading this post!) please will you help us though making a donation (plus Gift Aid, where appropriate). You may do this by visiting the GoFundMe page we have set-up specifically for this campaign.  Please also look out for and support the various fundraising initiatives our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Crew and Leaders are arranging. We will include news of these as they happen through posts to this website, our Facebook pages and Twitter.
Through operating and managing a Minibus for the exclusive use of our members we afford our section leaders an extra dimension to the scope of the meetings and activities they may plan and deliver. Additionally, as we emerge from the COVID lockdowns this transport will greatly increase the background support we can offer all of our members to get them out and about to achieve an amazing array of badges, awards, challenges and skills for life.
Our Scout Group is a small registered charity (no 302555)

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