2008 – Winter meetings

Later in the Winter Term 2008

In the last half term we have been studying emergency First Aid for our badge. We have covered burns, slings, major and minor bleeding and, thanks to one particular Scout, nose bleeds.

Half the Troop was then tested on what they knew while the rest of us learnt Semaphore, knotting and tracking techniques for an MI 5 training. We did the training by following one of the leaders on a ten minute walk around Cuffley. Unfortunately, stealth and silence deserted a certain unsubtle scout and we were seen on several occasions!


One of the other things included in our MI 5 training was to test our observational skills. A man (the son of one of the local teachers) walked into the Scout meeting one week, talking on the phone and walked around for a few minutes. twenty minutes or so after he’d left, we were asked to describe him as best we could from what we’d seen/ noticed. I thought I did quite well, but I can’t be too sure.

The last meeting of the year was a Fun and Games night. The first activity was The Chocolate Game, a favourite at parties of children aged nine and above. The general idea is to roll a six or a one and then scramble into a hat, scarf and gloves, pick up a knife and fork and eat as much chocolate (with the knife and fork) as you can before someone else rolls either a one or a six. This being Scouts, it wasn’t that simple…

To start, we had to roll a double six to start, that was hard enough in itself. After that you had to put on a hat, gloves, scarf, jacket, skirt and wellies! Then we had to pick up the knife and fork and start eating the chocolate. Then the rules were changed and it became a double one or a double six, then any even double (double two, four or six).

We also played a tournament on the Bagatelle, had a Jenga competition and tried a Christmas wordsearch!