2008 – Starting Up


Starting Up Scouts


In June 2008 Skip, with support from my parents, restarted the Scout troop in Cuffley which had closed in the late 1990’s. To start with we were getting to know each other, playing team games and puzzle- solving to build up the necessary trust needed in a group like this.

During the summer holidays Skip arranged many activities for the Scouts, including Go Ape, Quasar followed by a film, raft building and a Banger Racing day. After the Summer though, things certainly livened up!

I joined the Scouts just after the Summer Holidays and on my first evening we played a couple of boisterous games; lamb (soon to curry favour with the whole troop and become a hot favourite) and Chalk Rugby (my personal favourite.) Both of these games include a considerable amount of running around and grabbing people from all angles! 

My second week (my first official meeting) was more subdued, but definitely weirder. We spent the evening crisp tasting and trying to guess what they all were, however our mark sheets contained three made- up flavours; these were Shepherd’s Pie, Egg Fried Rice and Red Herring. Some of the REAL flavours were even more obscure; mustard flavour crisps anyone?

Our activities in the weeks up until Half Term included: A Harvest Parade at the local Anglican Church, a wide game (amazing fun), a Jumble Sale, some work on orienteering and a visit from the Parish Priest, Father O’ Carroll. And Half Term saw our first Scout Camp…