Group Reports

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Our Group Reports support the formal business of our Annual General Meetings which are normally held during the first two weeks in September. They reflect our Group structure and contain:

  • Details of our Group Executive and Section Leadership;
  • Minutes from the previous year’s meeting;
  • Chairman’s report;
  • Group Scout Leader’s report;
  • Treasurer’s report;
  • Receipts and Payments account;
  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities;
  • Explorer Scout Leader’s report;
  • Scout Leader’s report;
  • Cub Scout Leader’s report;
  • Beaver Scout Leader’s report;
  • Scout Active Support Manager’s report.

Our next Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 16 September 2018.


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This is 1st Cuffley – Group Report 2014 – 2015  (opens as a pdf)

This is 1st Cuffley – Group Report 2015 – 2016  (opens as a pdf)

This is 1st Cuffley – Group Report 2016 – 2017  (opens as a pdf)