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Songs, Verse, Yells and Stunts

22 January 2023

Songs, Verse, Yells and Stunts for Campfires, Fire Pit Parties and Barbeques

Songs, Verse, Yells, Stunts for campfires, fire pit parties and barbecues. Cuffley Scout Group. Cuffley EN6.

Songs, Verse, Yells and Stunts Paperback version. 1st edition.

Our new book published in support the 1st Cuffley Scout Group minibus fund. Selling as a paperback, together with a more robust hardback edition and as a Kindle e-book, it’s a handy resource for anyone looking to add an extra dimension to a campfire gathering, fire pit party or barbecue.

It brings together an inspirational mixture of traditional songs, yells and chants, jokes, ideas and performance advice for creating a memorable occasion for Scouts, Guides, families, friends and communities to remember and enjoy.

Tunes for most of the songs listed may be searched for, listened to and learned online, with services such as YouTube being particularly helpful for this purpose. To help avoid singing disasters, there are also Campfire Leader’s performance notes. These list pitch and starting note guidance.

Please support us by buying a copy or two from Amazon UK

Cuffley. Back Cover of Songs, Verse, Yells and Stunts for Campfires, Firepit parties, Barbeques. Cuffley Camp Fires.

Cuffley Song Book back cover. Paperback version. 1st edition.

This book is also available from Amazon globally.



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